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CMS Filters

Create one or more filter sets to filter results on a CMS collection list.

CMS Tabs

Create powerful tabs where the tab menu and content are managed from a CMS.

CMS Prev/Next

Show the next and previous CMS collection items.

Slider Generator

Create custom sliders in Webflow powered by SlickJS.

Masonry Layout

Create a Masonry Layout (Pinterest Style) that’s also fully responsive!

Page Transitions

Create visual continuity between pages with custom page transitions.

Copy to Clipboard

Create a button that will copy any piece of text, including links, to the clipboard.

CMS Load More

Extend Webflow’s pagination adding a Load More Button on your CMS lists.

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The real no-code tools

No classes,

— no IDs,

no configuration

We took tools to the next level, making a real plug-and-play experience, no-code involved. How? Meet custom attributes. Yeah, that little box with 2 inputs is all you need to touch

add values on 2 inputs
bs crap you need to do
touching variants on code snippets
configuring settings on an admin panel
adding specific classes
Copy the tool URL
Copy/paste the tool’s unique URL (where the code lives) into the page custom code.
Add custom attributes
Just add some values to each element following each tool easy to use documentation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do Refokus Tools manage versions?

How often are you launching new tools?

Are Refokus Tools free forever?

Are Refokus Tools tracking or using cookies?

What’s the license to use Refokus Tools?

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